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About Anna

My childhood was filled with dragons. I spent my hours before, after, and sometimes even during school lost in the imaginary worlds of story books. Eventually, I had a terrible realization. I was never going to magical wizard’s school, there was no hidden world in the wardrobe, and there was no such thing as dragons.

I traded my worn down novels for crisp cold textbooks, focused on school, and eventually took the opportunity to study British Literature at Oxford University. While I didn’t study magic at school, I did learn something similar. I learned about the process of taking the fantastical worlds that exist in daydreams, drawing them out, and painting them on a blank canvas of white paper. I found that magic does exist and it is trapped inside the human mind.

Through studying abroad I also learned about the exciting and fantastical world that we live in, and the thrill of experiencing a new place. While there are no dragons, we live on an enchanting and beautiful planet- just ripe for exploring!

By using my adventures around the globe as fuel for my creative writing, I want to show people that magic does exist.

I hope to inspire other dreamers to go on adventures of their own!

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